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I have received a parking fine!

MiPermit is a payment system for digital permits and cashless parking, while we supply services to parking authorities we do not patrol, enforce or issue fines on their behalf.

If you have received a PCN (Parking/Penalty Charge Notice) while using our services and feel that the fine was issued in error, you should in the first instance gather evidence and submit this to the parking authority using the details on the PCN. This may be a link to their web site or an address to write to. Appeals must be made in writing at all times and submitted to the parking operator, not to MiPermit.

You should gather evidence that provides proof to the parking operator that you had paid for parking or had a valid permit to park at the time of the contravention, in which case screen shots of SMS messages, receipts or permit numbers would help you in your challenge. If you were issued a PCN for anything other than non-payment or not having a valid permit (such as parked out of bay) you should provide evidence of your own.

Parking operators who use MiPermit for payments and permits have the ability to check our systems to satisfy themselves that a reasonable attempt to pay for parking has been made to be able to respond to your challenge. If the parking operator cannot find such evidence they will contact MiPermit for further investigation.

MiPermit are not part of the decision making process on PCN's issued and if they should be cancelled or not, however we are happy to provide you with factual evidence should you require it.