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Paying for Parking Without an Account on Android

This article details the differences between paying for parking when logged in to your MiPermit account or paying for parking without having a MiPermit Account. For information on how to use the paying for parking screen, please see Pay for Parking using the Android App, but please note the restrictions and differences detailed below if you are not logged in.

When paying to park while not logged in to an account, you will have to supply the following information every time you wish to park:

  • The Vehicle Registration Number (VRM) of the vehicle you are paying for.
  • Your mobile phone number if you wish to receive a confirmation text or if you require an SMS reminder.
  • Your email address if you wish to receive a VAT receipt (we will not be able to send you a receipt at a later date).
  • Payment card details.

You will not be able to use the following features if you do not have a full account:

  • Favourites and marking locations as a favourite.
  • Extending a current stay is not possible.
  • Payment history and downloading of receipts.
  • Various account settings and app settings will not be available.

If you want to be able to pay for parking without re-adding your details, you should register for an account or convert your stay in to an account at the end of the payment process. There will also be a 'Register' button in the side menu to assist in finishing registration.