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Park + Charge with MiPermit

To pay for your parking and charge your electric vehicle, the process is similar to simply paying for your parking.

Please note that the steps to charge your vehicle may differ slightly depending on the type of charger being used at the parking location, or the parking operator's requirements. The charging machine will normally give prompts on screen if needed.

Image showing a MiPermit branded EV charging point and the MiPermit app where you can pay for parking and EV charging.

Using Park + Charge.

On arrival at a Park + Charge location, the charging machine will show the parking location number, plus a "Charge Point" number. A single charger machine with only one Charge Point number will show a set of NFC/App Clip/QR Codes on the front of the machine. A dual charger machine will show the Charge Point number above the socket and the NFC/App Clip/QR Codes on the respective left and right sides of the charging machine. Please ensure you scan the correct side for the Charge Point you will plug in to.

Do you already have the MiPermit app?

If yes, then you can scan the required code (App Clip for Apple iOS devices, QR Codes for Android or Apple devices, NFC for both) to start the process. This will open the app at the location you're in and select the Charge Point number you scanned. All you have to do is select/enter your vehicle registration number, how long you wish to park and charge for, and process the payment.

You can also manually select the parking location from the app (by searching for the location number, or by using the Nearest location list), select/enter your vehicle registration number, and select the Charge Point you want to use from the list.

If you do not have the MiPermit app already installed, you can either download it from your devices app store, or scan one of the codes to start your Park + Charge session and you'll be asked if you want to download the app after the payment process.

How much does it cost to charge?

The cost per kWh will depend on a few factors such as the location you're in, the car park operator, if the parking cost is included in the charging cost, etc.

The MiPermit app will show both the parking cost and charging option. For example:

30 minutes (£0.50) + EV Charge
1 hour (£1.00) + EV Charge

The "max fee" is the maximum you will pay for the charging session. This is shown as the max fee as you may need to stop charging before the end of the parking session, and as such we will only take payment for the charging costs incurred up to being disconnected from the charger. A running "In Progress" total of how much you will pay can be seen in the MiPermit app on the "Current" screen, and you can refresh this section by pulling down and letting go.

What are the steps to charge your vehicle?

From within the MiPermit app, once you have successfully made payment, the app will contact the Charge Point. This may take a few seconds and you'll be prompted in the app to wait a little while for this connection to happen.

In most cases, you should plug your cable in to the charger when you get the "Connecting to Charger" notification. Plugging in before this may cause the charger to think it is now in use and not be able to process your payment.

Once the connection is made and you have plugged in your vehicle, it may take a few seconds for the Charge Point to tell the MiPermit app that it is ready to charge. When it does, you will see in app that the charging process has started. This can also be confirmed on screen in the app, in your vehicle, and depending on the charger model on screen there as well.

When will charging stop?

Your vehicle charging will stop when the Park + Charge sessions ends.

If you need to leave earlier than the end of your session, you can stop the charging and unlock the cable using your vehicle's standard way (such as in the vehicle's companion app, in-vehicle charging screen, or remote key fob).

When your Park + Charge ends you should vacate the bay like any other parking location.

Getting help with your charging.

If you need assistance with Park + Charge, our customer services team are more than happy to help by calling 0345 520 7007. When calling, please have the location number you're in, the charge point number and your vehicle registration number ready as you will be asked for this information.

Please note that you cannot Park + Charge via the SMS or Telephone service. Park + Charge will be coming to the web portals soon!