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Managing your Season Tickets

To manage your season tickets, login to the MiPermit global portal or the parking operators portal for your area and click on 'Manage Digital Permits'. Select the permit type you wish to manage. Here you can view, renew or edit your permit.

Season tickets can be edited by selecting the permit which will load the permit details for you to amend. Most season ticket providers allow you to change the vehicle which is covered by the season ticket. This is usually free of charge, and is effective immediate. Please note that if a vehicle is currently parked in a location under the season ticket and you change the registration, it will no longer be covered and the parking operator may issue a fine.

Note: Some parking operators require payment for amendments to active permits and therefore you will not be able to make these changes online.

Most season tickets only allow one vehicle to be associated with the permit. Do not attempt to add more than one vehicle registration number to a single vehicle permit as this may cause a fine to be issued by the parking operator.

Some parking operators allow multiple vehicles to be covered by the season ticket. If this is the case, you will see Vehicle 1, Vehicle 2 etc on the permit details. Only one of these vehicles can be parked at any one time.