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Managing your Visitor Permits

Visitor permits are a one time use digital permit, much like the old style scratch cards which parking operators used to use. With digital visitor permits you do not need to display anything in the vehicle, as the patrolling officers are able to check the vehicle registration number for a valid permit.

You can purchase 'books' of visitor permits on a pro-rata basis. You will have an allocation of permits that you can purchase per year and you can purchase your permits online up to your limit over the course of the year and use them immediately. You do not need to wait for a book of permits to arrive in the post or collect them from your parking operators offices.

To purchase visitor permits, you should go to the MiPermit global portal or your parking operators portal and from the 'Buy Digital Permits' option follow the process through to purchasing. You will need to provide payment card details to complete the transaction.

Using Visitor Permits via the MiPermit portal

Login to your MiPermit portal, and from the 'Manage Digital Permits' option select Visitor Permits. You will need to enter your visitors vehicle registration number and select the type of visitors permit to use (if you have various types), the date/time to activate the permit, and the duration required.

Using Visitor Permits via SMS

You can also use SMS to activate visitor permits if your account has your mobile phone number associated with it. 

If you have visitor permits to use on your account, you can send an SMS (text message) to 61600 with the following (examples):

VISITOR    A123BCD    4hours

This will allow your visitor in vehicle A123BCD park in your zone for 4 hours. Note that durations will be dependant on your parking operator and permits you have access to.

Some parking operators visitor permits do not require a duration, please see your parking operators MiPermit portal information pages for details.

Using Visitor Permits by Phone

You can also call to have a visitor booked in, this could be that you call MiPermit customer services, or you may need to call your parking operators help line. This will be detailed on your parking operators MiPermit portal.