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Pay for Parking using the iOS App

Starting from the Pay & Stay map, to pay for parking you should select a location from the map or from one of the location lists. This will take you to the Create Stay screen. You should complete the following fields:

  • Vehicle - Pick from your current list of vehicles or add a new one.
  • When - Either pay to park immediately, or select a day/time for your parking to start.
  • Duration - Pick a duration to park for from the available tariffs. If the location hasn't started charging yet please change 'Immediately' to 'Today' and pick the opening time of the location.
  • SMS Reminder - If you would like an SMS reminder 20 minutes before your stay expires, you can turn this option on. SMS reminders may incur a cost which will be shown on screen.
  • Payment Option - You can either pay using your debit or credit card, or use Apple Pay (in selected locations).

You will be notified that the payment has been taken, and returned to the Current Stays screen showing the details of your stay and remaining duration.

Please note: Paying before arriving at the parking location does not reserve or secure you a space in the car park.