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Parking using SMS/Text Message

Using cashless parking for the first time

Send an SMS to 61600 with the word PARK and your vehicle registration number.

For example:


Our automated system will call you back for the following information.

  • Car park location number
  • Your payment card details
  • Asked if you wish to receive an SMS reminder 20 minutes before the stay expires

If at anytime you have difficulty with the process, stay on the phone or press the star key and you will be transferred to one of the MiPermit team that will help you through the remainder of the process.

Once registered, you will be sent a temporary PIN to use with your account. When you first login you will be asked to enter a secure password. The password is only used for logging in to a MiPermit portal or smartphone apps.

Please note that SMS costs to 61600 may vary depending on your network provider. Please contact your provider for more information.

Existing customers that have already registered

On arrival at a participating car park, send an SMS (text message, not an MMS or email) to 61600PARK and the location number and duration in hours or minutes.

For example:

PARK    702233    30mins
PARK    702233    2hrs
PARK    702233    1day

If you want to park for part-hours, and the location supports part-hours, you should state the duration in minutes.

For example, for the duration of one and a half hours:

PARK    702233    90mins

If you want to add a new vehicle to your account, or have more than one vehicle on your account already, you can state which vehicle to use by adding the registration number to the end of the SMS.

For example:

PARK    702233    30mins    T123EST
PARK    702233    2hrs    T123EST

Please note that once you have more than one vehicle on your account, you will need to add the registration number of the vehicle you are using to all future messages so the system knows which vehicle you are using. If you do not, the system will take the last vehicle added to your account as default.

To extend your stay by SMS

If you need to extend your stay, you can do so by SMS or by logging in to a MiPermit portal or using the MiPermit app. To extend, send an SMS to 61600 with the word EXTEND

For example:

EXTEND    30mins
EXTEND    1hour

You will not be able to extend a stay past the locations opening hours, or if the location has a maximum stay limit.