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Costs of Pay & Stay Parking with MiPermit

Payment cards & convenience fees (charges)

A convenience fee may be added to the cost of your parking depending on the car park operator and the location you're parking in. Some locations do not charge a fee, however others do.

If a convenience fee is applicable, this should be highlighted on the MiPermit stickers on the Pay & Display machines, or on the tariff board.

When paying to park via one of our smartphone apps or online portals, the convenience fee is itemised on the payment screen before you finalise the payment.

Important Note
When adding a payment card to use with MiPermit Pay & Stay parking we have to check that the card details are valid and a 'repeat payment reference' can be generated so that you do not have to enter your payment card details every time you use the system to park.

When performing the card test, a 10 pence (10p) deferred payment is requested and cancelled and this normally doesn't show on your bank account, however, some banks now show these 10 pence defer tests as 'pending transactions' within their banking apps. If you see this on your banking app, please be aware that the defer is cancelled and no money is taken but it may take a couple of days for your bank to remove it from your pending transactions list.

If you have any questions regarding the card tests, please get in touch with the MiPermit Team for further details.

SMS (text message) costs

To send a text to pay for parking costs no more than your networks standard message rate. This is typically around 10p per message. Sending a text to a message shortcode (61600) is not included in your mobile package. You should confirm this with your mobile provider.

We do not take payment for parking from your mobile account. We do not have the ability to take any payments in this manner.

Optional reminder texts (20 minutes before your stay ends) are charged at 10p per reminder sent and added to the total cost of parking.

Call costs to 0345 or 0333 numbers

To call our customer services team or to pay for your parking via our automated telephone system, calls are charged by your mobile provider at their standard national rate.

The cost of these calls are included in any mobile minutes package you may have.